İstanbul Deport Lawyer

Deport Lawyer

İstanbul Deport Lawyer

The Deportation Decision

The process of taking and implementing the deportation decision is regulated in the Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection. According to the law, foreigners in Turkey can be sent to their own country, the country they will transit through, or a third country in some cases.

The descision of deportation is taken by the order of the General Directorate of Migration Management or directly by the governorship. This decision is an administrative action.

How to Find the Best Deport Lawyer?

The best deport lawyer, Istanbul Deport Lawyer, goes to many lawsuits about deportation and defends the rights of the persons concerned. These lawyers have a feature such as winning the case they take. They usually win the case. Especially serious cases like Deport are handled with the best lawyers. For this reason, Istanbul Deport Lawyer will always be ready.

The subject of deportation is covered in detail in the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458. Foreigners with expired visas are sent to Removal Centers in order to move to their own country, so that they do not create a test for the country. Therefore, the security of the country is thus ensured.

Those for whom a deportation decision cannot be taken;

Those with serious indications that they will be subject to the death penalty, torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in the country of deportation
Those who are considered risky to travel due to serious health problems, age and pregnancy status
Those who do not have the opportunity to receive treatment in the country to which they will be deported while their treatment for their life-threatening diseases continues
Victims of human trafficking benefiting from the victim support process
Victims of psychological, physical or sexual violence until their treatment is completed.

Who Makes the Deportation Decision?

This decision is made by the General Directorate of Migration Management of Turkey. Depending on the situation, the relevant governorships can make this deport decision.


To object the decision of deportation is possible. The only way to object is sue against government. The deportation decision stops with this by itself, then the court decides if it is legal or not. You have to follow this step with a lawyer, because it is not easy for both objection and following the right steps.


Object against administrative detention is also possible. It is also not easy way, you have to again sue against government. Opening a case this time doesn’t stop administrative detention decision, but in five days courts have to reply to your objection. You have to find a lawyer for this process also.

İstanbul Deport Lawyer

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