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Due to the ever-changing nature of immigration law and the general procedure for immigrants in Turkey, those wishing to immigrate to Turkey permanently may need to seek assistance from a lawyer or legal professional. Immigration lawyer Turkey, who specializes in immigration law, will ensure that your immigration process is carried out legally and will also provide the necessary legal support throughout the process.

You can get support from immigration law office Istanbul.

What Does Immigration Law Cover?

Turkey’s immigration law points out a wide range of problems with the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, the Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458 and related legislation. These different legislations aim to outline a set of requirements and procedures that individuals must comply with in order to legally enter and stay in Turkey.

Important areas of Turkey’s immigration law include the following:

Immigrant Rights and Obligations,
Residence Permits,
work permits,
Citizenship and Naturalization,
Deportation and Administrative Control
International Protection

Who can not be deported?

Those who have serious indications that they will be subjected to the death penalty, torture, inhuman or degrading punishment or treatment in the country to which they will be deported
Those who are considered risky to travel due to serious health problems, age and pregnancy status
Those who do not have the opportunity to receive treatment in the country to which they will be deported while their treatment for their life-threatening diseases continues
Victims of human trafficking who benefit from the victim support process
Victims of psychological, physical or sexual violence until their treatment is completed
If you get deported can you come back in Turkey

If the person applies to the administrative court and the decision is revoked, it is possible to re-enter Turkey.

How long does it take to get deported from Turkey?

Provincial Immigration Administrations or governorships take this decision about the foreigner to be deported.

Judicial action against deportation order

The foreigner or his legal representative or lawyer may apply to the administrative court against the deportation decision within seven days from the notification of the decision. The person applying to the court also notifies the authority that made the deportation decision. How long does it take for immigration judge to make a decision? Applications made to the court are finalized within fifteen days. The decision of the court is final. Provided that the consent of the foreigner is reserved, the foreigner is not deported within the period of filing a lawsuit or, in case of applying to the court, until the conclusion of the trial.

Turkish Immigration Lawyer

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